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Core Tango Approach

The true soul of Argentine tango blends sensuality, sophistication, enjoyment and passion. In our teaching approach, we present you with exciting material that allows you to feel the passion of this beautiful dance. We help you get in touch with the total flow and richness of dancing tango.   

In our classes, we teach you how to experience yourself through your dancing body and your partner’s dancing body. This is primary in the dance partnership, and is essential to your connection with your partner. At the same time, we strive to integrate a contemporary approach to the dance while remaining reverential to the traditional foundations of the dance.

You'll learn good technique and good listening skills. You'll learn the art of sensing of your own axis and your partner's axis. And you'll learn to experience the feeling of musicality and flow in order to dance comfortably. To do this, we focus on...

Good Form 

Good form includes dancing with good posture, good use of your axis and a good sense of where you are and where you need to be in space during the movement. Good form helps you build core strength, coordination and balance as well as awareness. The more of these you have the more confidence you bring to the dance. Good form gives you greater kinesthetic sensitivity to what is happening in the dance moment. This is also an important aspect of good connection. 
Good Connection 

Tango is not a dance you do by yourself. Connection means that two dancers are always in relationship with each other as they move around the dance floor. Good connection means that two people are moving in union and synchronicity while deeply feeling the intimacy of each other’s presence. We believe that connection is thoroughly inherent in the meaning of what tango is and how you learn to dance it.   

A primary orientation of ours in tango is what we refer to as heart-to-heart dancing. While dancing, your heart is always looking to and seeking your partner’s heart throughout the movements. Because of this, a beautiful connection is always maintained. To dance tango is, by definition, to be engaged in good connection. 

Good Feeling 

Another element we emphasize is good feeling in the dance. It is a wordless experience of “rightness” about the movement. When this happens, your spacing is right, the timing is right, your balance is right, the embrace is right, and the flow is right. Good feeling stems from this. You know it when you feel it!

So, whether you are new to tango or an experienced dancer, we will help you understand and improve your tango dancing. We invite you to join us for group classes or private lessons. 
Darrell Sanchez and Sue Thompson
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