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A Short History of Tango

Tango is a unique dance born out of the barrios of Buenos Aires. A distinctive fusion of European immigrants, South American natives and intense economic, cultural and social pressures colluded to give birth to a special form of couples dancing that captivates increasing numbers of individuals around the world. 

Traveling to a distant land in search of wealth and success, many men from the old cities and villages of Europe sought a new life or new prosperity in the fertile potentials of Argentina. Planning to return home after finding their fortunes, the men came alone leaving their families and loved ones behind. When things did not work out as planned the men never were able to return and the social result left a large number of men for every woman in Buenos Aires.  

In order to win the favor and be in the arms of the woman of his desire a man soon learned that being a good dancer improved his odds greatly. With the shortage of women, a man became skilled at dancing by practicing with other men so that when the opportunity to dance with a woman came, she would choose him over the others. 

Old world instruments, songs and dances merged with native customs, dance and music in a far off land amidst the trauma of separation and economic stress. A unique form of movement emerged which became what we know today as Argentine tango.  
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| A Short History Of Tango |

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